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Why Information Security?

Information Security helps you to: prevent your customers and business data from being leaked, protect your reputation, protect your website from being defaced, show respect to your customer's data, comply with policies and regulations and even respond to security incidents that may occur if all security controls become compromised. Simply put, information security empowers your business by increasing the value of your company and preventing it from being ruined.

How can I get started?

If it is your first contact within the information security, we highly recommend a Vulnerability Assessment to identify potential vulnerabilities as an attacker would or a Penetration Test to go from the vulnerability identification to exploitation and to test your incident response process. However, for an information security program to be effective several layers of security should be in place. That said, our second recommendation is for you to perform a Code Review of your applications to find issues that were not apparently in the vulnerability assessment. Going further, to fix the root cause of the vulnerabilities found on your business, we recommend you to perform a Security Awareness Campaign, Cloud Audit (if applicable) and a Security Audit of your Software Development Life Cycle because perform security tests cannot fix a bad process.

Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Test

Through an attacker's perspective, our consultants will look for vulnerabilities in your web application and document them in a formal report that will be delivered after the assessment be completed. Except by the request of the client, this test do not try to deny the service of your application, but it does increase the overhead of your systems in the moment we run specific tools. If you choose Penetration Test over Vulnerability Assessment, we will focus on compromise the system and data instead of look for more vulnerabilities.

Code Review

The review of an application's code can be conducted together with the vulnerability assessment / penetration test, which is good to support our consultants also, or performed apart. During the review, our consultants will look for vulnerabilities and bad security practices to document them in a formal report that will be delivered after the review be completed. This service can also be integrated to your software development life cycle by allowing our consultants to review code per commits, tags or releases.

Security Awareness Campaign

The root of all information secuity problems and solutions comes down to humans. Security tests are important, but the humans also need to be aware of their role and responsibilities regarding information security because information security is responsibility of all colaborators. We perform awareness trainings tailored for Developers, IT Managers, Product Managers, CxO and other roles. Take advantage of our consultants that already have spoken at conferences and have experience as instructor also.

Cloud Security Audit

Small, Medium and Large companies are moving to the cloud. Be it public or private, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Rackspace. A special attention should be paid to cloud environments because the way to implement security differs from on-premise environments. We verify the security of your infrastructure and data protection to document all risks in a formal report that will be delivered in the end of the assessment.

Software Development Life Cycle Audit

The earlier the security bug is found, the cheapest it is to fix. The savings can be up to 30 times according to Microsoft. In this service we will go through all stages of the development process (from definition to maintenance) and map the injection points that security is absent or not well implemented and document them in a formal report that will be delivered in the end of the assessment. We have solid experience with Agile (Scrum, XP) and Waterfall methodologies, continuous delivery and cutting edge development technologies.

Do you need something different?

Awesome! Is it a new challenge? We hope so. Anyway, just let us know and we will come up with a strategy to help you.

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Flare Security is a consulting firm that provides software security related services. Flare's mission is to improve the internet security and prevent businesses from being disrupted by preventable security flaws. Flare was funded in 2012 and since then helped financial and ecommerce companies to protect themselves by identifying high impact security bugs and providing guidance to build a more secure software.

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